myPVR Key Features
Watch Recordings

Video Recoding and Playback

  • Single or Dual analogue tuner capturing at near DVD quality.
  • Tuners support Nicam Stereo (where available).
  • Time slip of live tv, pause while you answer the phone or put the kettle on.
  • PiP (Picture in Picture - requires two or more tuners).
  • Supports freeview digital TV (subject to availability).
  • Can record off your existing Sky Decoder (optional additional feature).
  • Interactive Electronic Program Guide.
  • Intelligent advert detection and skipping.
  • Resume a partially viewed program at the point you exited.
  • Built in video editor allows removal of adverts or other content before archiving.
  • Transcode edited or original programs into a variety of formats.

Watch Recorded Programs

Electronig Program Guide

Intelligent Electronic Program Guide

  • EPG data automatically updates overnight.
  • You can tell myPVR to record by program name rather than specifying a start time.
  • Search by program name or use the on-screen daily EPG.
  • EPG Data available for all NZ TV Channels including Sky TV.
    (Electronic Program Guide data is not directly supplied by OpenMedia Limited)
  • Typically contains around 4-7 days of program information.

Play Music

Music Jukebox

  • Wide variety of standard media formats supported.
  • Extract your existing CDs at a range of pre-defined quality levels.
  • Import music your have on your existing PC or media device (subject to DRM restrictions).
  • Build play lists of your favourite tracks.
  • Intelligent random play

Weather Info

Network Features

  • Can be plugged into your broadband connection to access websites, weather information and update the interactive  program guide.
  • All audio and video content is network streamable. Anyone in on your network can select recorded or archived video as well as listen to tracks from your Music Jukebox.
  • Network server features that support both PC and Macintosh. Use myPVR as your home file server.
  • Web front end allows access to the program guide both from your home network and over the internet.

News Headlines

Information Centre

  • Weather information dynamically updated (requires internet connection)
  • Access a wide variety of news sources from all over the world.
  • Status information about myPVR.

Play Games


  • Number of Linux games available, TuxRacer and Frozen Bubble included as standard.
  • Includes the xmame arcade game emulator.
  • Additional emulators for a wide range of classic computers and consoles are available.
  • Supports USB gamepads and joysticks.

Image Gallery

Image Gallery

  • Import photos from media cards or your camera.
  • Thumbnail preview of your images.
  • On screen rotate of images.
  • Slide show feature
  • Scaling images to suit display device means they will look amazing on your plasma or LCD set - your photos have seldom looked so good.

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