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The next generation in general purpose home media devices is now available to consumers in New Zealand. An innovative "Home Theatre PC" based on free Open Source software technology is available today from OpenMedia. myPVR offers all of the features you would usually expect with a PVR device such as multi-tuner capable recording, time slip of live TV, and intelligent program guide. Never again will you miss your favourite program because you forgot to set the VCR.

myPVR Hardware

myPVR is your PVR. From day one you own the hardware. 
myPVR Main Screen

Aside from the features you would normally find in a hard drive based DVD recorder, or other more basic PVR devices, myPVR also offers a number of additional HTPC features. These include providing a music jukebox/server, image server and photo gallery, games, internet phone calls, weather and news information. It can also play the majority of the incredibly diverse range of media available today on the Internet.

myPVR Web Interface

The network features allow network streaming of all locally held media, as well as providing a web interface into the program guide. If you have forgotten to set a program to record, then you can remote in from work, login and select the program you want using the interactive web based program guide.

As well as supporting today's analogue TV standards in NZ this unit is capable of not onlymyPVR Rear View digital TV, but supporting true HDTV. If you have one of the new range of wide-screen LCD or Plasma TVs you will be amazed at the quality of image this device can produce. You will never again be cursing the poor quality of a VHS based recording. Once the technology is launched you should be able to upgrade the unit to allow recording on HDTV or SDTV content.

Utilising Intel's HDA (High Definition Audio) standard you can plug myPVR into your home theatre amplifier using a digital cable to make use of AC3 or DTS enabled video content. Standard analogue stereo connection is also available.

Fast Forward Video

Unlike certain other PVR products myPVR allows for advert skipping and fast forward/rewind. Programs can be stored locally indefinitely, but as it can plug into your local home network you can very easily archive programs elsewhere. If you want you can even burn programs onto the included DVD writer.
Image Gallery

If you have other PCs or Macs in your house the unit can act as a local file server for your entire family. Put all of your favourite photos and music files in one place to share. An added bonus is that all video files can be streamed over your network in addition to being played on your TV.

All hardware is covered by a standard 12 month return to base guarantee. In addition OpenMedia include set-up and software support for the first  30 days.  You then may choose to subscribe to our 12 month contracts which will include all updates/fixes and answer any technical concerns that you may have. For those customers living within the Auckland area we even offer an installation, set-up, and training service. As myPVR is based on freely available Open Source software, more technical minded customers can update and patch the software themselves with no ongoing software license fees. OpenMedia will be happy to discuss any myPVR customisation for the customer who wants that bit more.

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